Gordon Tang helps Level the Playing Field of Sports

Gordon Tang is a successful individual who has used some of his resources to help level the playing field of international athletics. Through various donations and contributions to numerous athletic organizations and institutions across the world, Gordon Tang hopes to cultivate young athletes from under-resourced countries.

Perhaps the most notable donation made by Gordon Tang when it comes to sports is the $2 million he donated to the International Olympic Museum, which is located in Lausanne, Switzerland, and was built to house thousands of memorabilia from Olympic Games of years past. Gordon Tang appreciates the international unity and overall athletic competition associated with the Olympics Games and he wanted his charitable donation to reflect that and further the International Olympic Committee’s mission.

Gordon Tang has recently been honored by the International Olympic Committee. Its president Thomas Bach said in the ceremony, “Without the generosity of donors like Mr. Tang, the Olympic Museum could not be what it is today.” The IOC further showed its gratitude by unveiling a new donor stone on its donor wall for Gordon Tang.

But Gordon Tang’s contribution to sports doesn’t stop there. As a Chinese native, Gordon Tang helps facilitate the growth and competitiveness of Chinese Olympic athletes by donating 300 million Chinese RMB to the Shantou Olympic Sports Academy in Guangdong. The Shantou Olympic academy is the first of its kind and aims to teach young Chinese athletes the virtues of sports and the unifying competitive spirit that is on display at every Olympic Games.

While theoretically any country can participate in the Olympics, Gordon Tang realizes that some of the unsourced  sports teams may not necessarily have the same opportunity to compete on the platform.  He is determined to do his part to level the playing field.  Besides helping fund several international athletic organizations in Singapore and Cambodia, Gordon Tang also donates his time and expertise to serve in executive roles.

Two of Gordon Tang’s favorite hobbies are windsurfing and Judo, and he has turned his passion for these activities into service that helps spread the benefits of these sports. Gordon Tang is currently the advisor of the Windsurfing Association of Singapore.

His presence is also felt strongly in the Cambodian athletic community, where Gordon Tang is the president of the Cambodian Sailing Federation and vice president of the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia.

Gordon Tang said that supporting and promoting athleticism will always be one of his philanthropic causes.

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